RT/451/ MDC10516.2



Cruise control fortwo 451 (CruiseControl)

Cruise control plug&play

It is connected to the gas pedal and the speedometer (plug & play)
Scope of delivery:
– Ready-made cruise control in a plastic housing with all the necessary parts.
– Connection cable for connection to the speedometer and the gas pedal:
This dark gray lever from the smart 451 is intended for operating the on-board computer in vehicles that have an on-board computer installed.
However, it has the same technical structure as the cruise control lever from the smart 450, which unfortunately is no longer manufactured.
Only the color and lettering are different. It can therefore be easily installed to operate our cruise control. Both levers can be seen in the pictures accompanying this article.
All factory functions can still be used.
– Attention –
For vehicles with an original on-board computer and for E-smarts, a switching cable is sent instead of a control lever, since the control lever of the on-board computer is used for both components!

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